Nails, a mirror of your health

A picture is worth a thousand words. The physical appearance is usually a reflection of our state of health and, except for specific moments, they define our identity and way of being. Aesthetic treatments help to take care of ourselves and maintain luminous and hydrated skin.

There is a part of the body that we don’t pay much attention to, but that defines our health. Let’s talk about nails.

There are certain factors that modify the appearance of nails, such as age is an aspect that influences their growth, as well as discoloration. Diseases also play a very important role, as they can reduce the circulation of blood reaching the hands and feet.

Observe the characteristics of your nails and identify which problems you suffer from:

Bitten nails

Do you bite your nails? Then you will know that this habit is synonymous with stress and anxiety. Hands with these nails do not shine and are an entrance to various infections. To put an end to this craze, we recommend that you do your manicure regularly.

Nails with white spots

Again, this indicator is also a manifestation of stress. But beyond this reaction, white dots or lines appear when you suffer from a chronic liver disease, such as cirrhosis, or kidney failure, as well as being the result of an injury or an allergic reaction.


The solution is patience and letting the nails grow. Once they are long and if the problem persists, we recommend that you visit a professional.

Brittle nails

Do they bend or break easily? It can be for different reasons:

. aging

. Use of aggressive products in manicure and pedicure.

. Lack of Vitamin A – carrots, green leafy vegetables, dried herbs, lettuce or melon – and Vitamin B – meat, fish, eggs, milk, legumes or dried fruit.

. Presence of thyroid diseases.

. Lack of iron.

Depending on the reason, the solution will be to stop doing your manicure for a certain period so that the nails get stronger or to visit a dermatologist.

Yellow nails

The appearance of yellow nails does not favor the appearance of your hands at all. This can be due to prolonged use of enamels, infections caused by fungi or bacteria that are easy to remove or habits as harmful as smoking.


If your nails are this color, you better go to the doctor and make sure that you are not suffering from diseases such as diabetes, psoriasis or lung problems.

purple nails

If the yellowish tone looked bad, this one is even worse. The purple color appears, on many occasions, when you have hit yourself or suffered an injury, as the blood from a small broken blood vessel collects under the nail.

This tone may be related to low hemoglobin levels, when the body produces fewer red blood cells than normal. For the avoidance of doubt, if you see that your nails take on a purple hue and you haven’t given yourself a blow, visit a professional.

How can I take care of my nails?ee7d2102ba48523d35d8640ada5c10f6

Here are some tips:

. To correct the insufficiency of vitamins, which we mentioned above, you must follow a healthy and balanced diet.

. Stop this habit of biting your nails because you can develop bacterial infections. Another vice you have to forget is smoking.

. Use moisturizing creams to hydrate cuticles and strengthen nails.

. False and acrylic nails are not a good solution, as they weaken the nails.

Depending on the severity of the condition of your nails, at Cànons Clinics we offer a manicure and pedicure service  so that you can show off fabulous hands and feet.

Source: La Bio Guia and IMujer