In Cànons Clinics, specialized in Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine, have all the necessary health safeguards for treatments and aesthetic medical and surgical procedures.

Backed by the various Health Registration No. of the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya:

  • E 08631197 en Cànons Clinics Barcelona.
  • E 08677723 en Cànons Clinics Granollers.
  • E 43924242 en Cànons Clinics Reus.

Also, we have all health clearances in our partner clinics to perform any surgical procedure.
Because when it comes to health, it should require much information, professionalism and health security. Only then is when you take the most appropriate decision.

Porqué cuando se trata de salud, cabe exigir la máxima información, profesionalidad y seguridad sanitaria. Únicamente así es cuando se toma la decisión más adecuada.