Dietetics and Nutrition

You have the appropriate weight or a good health is directly related to follow a balanced and healthy diet that responds to our personal biological, psychological, social, and environmental factors. Our dieticians and nutritionists will design you a diet custom without risk to your health and will advise you about the healthy eating habits that you must follow to achieve the figure you’ve always wanted.

We carry out analytical and diagnostic tests to know the foods that you digieres more easily with the aim that you get, but above all to keep a healthy weight and, at the same time, minimize the potential risk of diseases associated with being overweight and poor nutrition, Dyslipidemia or hiperuricemias, among others.


Custom Diets

Medical low-calorie diets

Protéifine Medical Diet


Lipodieta Medical Diet

Body Weight Control and Maintenance


Food Intolerance Test

Intragastric balloon