Specialists in Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine


At Cànons Clinics in Barcelona, Granollers and Reus we want you to feel comfortable with your personal image. That is why we put at your disposal a team of qualified specialists and health professionals, backed by more than thirty years of experience.

Through the medical direction of Dr. Víctor Hernàndez Machado, our team of experts will advise you on the first visit and will assess the most appropriate treatments or procedures for you. At Cànons Clinics we provide you with accurate and complete information, without creating false expectations and always with the maximum guarantees of health.

In Cànons Clinics of Barcelona, Granollers and Reus we have the best medical equipment, as well as the most innovative procedures in the different medical specialties, both in the field of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine and in the professionals of beauty and health and in the use of appropriate surgical techniques.

Medical specialties and health professionals

In Cànons Clinics we continue to grow and we are open to other medical and health specialties to meet the needs of our patients, so in our centers we also have professionals specialized in dermatology, urology, psychology, osteopathy and naturopathy, among others.

At Cànons Clinics we want you to feel at home. Our team of professionals will offer you personalized attention to make you feel comfortable and accompanied at all times.

Professional solvency

Especially Dr. Víctor Hernàndez Machado supports our professional solvency, being members of the SECPRE, Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, entity that brings together the best specialists in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine and also a member of the ISAPS, the Society International of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


We have all the health-medical guarantees endorsed by the Department of Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia, as well as the corresponding numbers of the Sanitary Registry, and with the safety of all the implants and products that are used are authorized by the European Community.

Our clinics

Cànons Clinics Barcelona
Avinguda Diagonal 354, 08013 Barcelona
Tel. 93 860 60 60
Cànons Clinics Granollers
C/ Pinós 14, 08402 Granollers
Tel. 93 860 60 60
Email: info@canonsclinics.es
Cànons Clinics Reus
C/ Antoni Gaudí 5, 43202 Reus
Tel. 93 860 60 60
Email: info@canonsclinics.es
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