Ruby points are small dots of red or purple smooth raised. It has no health impact, although sometimes they can increase in size and chop a little.

In Cànons Clinics we eliminate points Ruby using a powerful light stroke a medical Laser and intense pulsed Cutera 1064 nm Nd-Yag excel HR, a revolutionary adjustable laser in the market that combines the two best wavelengths to treat deep vascular conditions and improve the appearance of the skin.

What is the elimination of Ruby points?

It is a technique of aesthetic medicine safe to remove the Ruby Laser points easily, without leaving scars on the surface of the skin.
TruPulse CUTERA™ technology is the only laser of long pulse which provides energy for a consistent and uniform for all pulse for the treatment of vascular lesions.
One of the treatments is non-invasive that corrects injury of red, purple, blue and brown. This solution offers the widest variety of functions to address the wider range injuries ranging from vascular pigmented benign.

Subsequently, we will apply a special cream decongestant in the treated areas.

How long are the sessions and how often are they?

Depending on the areas to be treated the sessions can last approximately 30 minutes and is usually performed as medical advice can two or three times a year, depending on the number of lesions.

Normally the ones that go away, do not reappear, buy sometimes new ones appear.

What is most appropriate season?

It can be done at any time of the year, provided you have very careful about applying yourself solar radiation sunscreens with full screen. That’s why summer time is not an ideal season. 

What do you recommend before each session?

Avoid exposing yourself to the sun’s rays or ultraviolet tanning with at least two weeks before each session.

In parallel, you will have to follow the guidelines recommended specific cosmetic according to your skin type.

What do you recommend after each session?

Avoid exposing yourself to the sun’s rays or ultraviolet tanning with at least during the first 45 days after the session. Also, you will have to perform a specific home treatment to your skin type.

My daily activities will be altered?

This treatment allows resume normal activities immediately after each session with the indicated creams and the right makeup.

What vascular changes can also be removed?
  • Redness skin
  • Ruby points
  • Cherry Hemangioma
  • Red spots of birth
  • Simple Angioma
Quines alteracions vasculars també pot eliminar?
  • Aranyes Vasculars
  • Eritemes cutanis
  • Couperosi facial
  • Angioma simple
  • Hemangioma cirera
  • Taques vermelles de naixement