Hydration with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins Hand & Cleavage

When is it advisable to start with Mesotherapy treatments Hands and Chest?

As you check the skin on your face, neck, chest or back of hands begin to dry out, become dull and lose their elasticity and natural glow.

Mesotherapy improves early signs of skin aging and prevents the aging process. At the same time will improve the appearance of skin elasticity and luminosity.

It is also frequently associated with other treatments, such as method of preparation or within protocols rejuvenation programs.


What is Mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid and vitamins?

First, cleanse the area to be treated and then apply a powerful anesthetic cream specially formulated for our centers Cànons Clinics wait to take effect and then we proceed  to intradermal administration of hyaluronic acid and vitamins by microinjection. Afterwards we will apply make up so you can continue with your daily activities.

Is it compatible with the activities of daily living?

You can resume all your activities of daily living normally.

After how long can I see results?

From the first session clearly check the improvement in your skin. However, to ensure lasting results and a high level of satisfaction, a specialist in aesthetic medicine usually will recommend in a first phase 3 mesotherapy sessions with an interval of approximately 15 days. A fourth session takes place two months after the beginning of treatment.

Subsequently, the sessions will usually imparting on a semester basis.

Wll I get rid of all my wrinckles?

Mesotherapy is suitable for hydrating the dermis. It is true that the hydration of the skin, along sessions, will rejuvenate the superficial dermis microfold blurring. But already marked wrinkles and deep folds should be treated with other treatments that your doctor will recommend at Cànons Clinics.

Is it a safe treatment?

In Cànons Clinics, Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine clinic, use products endorsed by the European non-animal origin in order to minimize the risk of allergy and completely biodegradable. Therefore, it requires no allergy test.

Can I combine it with other Body Therapies?

It is fully compatible and combinable with all body aesthetic medical therapies as recommended by our Aesthetic Medicine Specialists in Cànons Clinics, providing a comprehensive treatment of hands and chest in order to enhance the image.

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