We all suffer from skin changes due to aging, sun damage and a variety of other causes. With the Cutera Genesis Laser, our medical team is able to improve the appearance of your skin quickly and efficiently. It is a Yag 1064 nm Neodymium laser that allows you to safely treat all skin phototypes (I-VI), by not acting on the epidermis and in the deep dermis.

The Genesis technique makes the difference

The Genesis procedure is based on the principles of non-invasive laser technology to enable a safe, discrete and efficient treatment of depths, open porus, irregularities of skin texture, dispersion and scaling of the skin. It is possible to advise subtle but uniform results uniform after each treatment, without unwanted side effects such as bruising or excessive skin irritation. The treatments are performed in a relaxed and painless way, without the need to apply atopic anesthesia or cooling gel.

What areas of the skin can be treated?

Patients treated with the Genesis Laser technique declare that they have obtained excellent results throughout the face and neck. In addition, some specialists also recommend this treatment for smoothing recent scars on other parts of the body.

What is meant by scattered redness of the skin?

The scattered redness is a visible irritation of the face area, something similar to the natural blush of the cheeks. This problem is caused by dilation of the capillaries, which can cause a general reddening of the skin and a defined division of the blood vessels. The areas that are most frequently affected are the nose, forehead and cheeks. Scattered redness is often related to pinkish acne and can be inherited.

What sensation does the treatment produce?

Patients describe this predominant treatment as relaxing and therapeutic. During the treatment they feel a slight warming of the skin’s surface, while the laser moves manually up and down a little more than a centimeter from the skin.

Can you live a normal life after treatment?

It is possible to resume normal activities immediately, as long as sunscreen is used when performing outdoor activities.

How does the Genesis Laser technique work?

By a slight heating of the upper layers of the dermis located well below the surface of the skin, the Genesis Laser technique stimulates the renewal of collagen. In addition, heat is generated in the dilated capillaries to reduce the redness of the skin.

Are there any side effects of the treatment?

The most frequent reaction is a slight redness that disappears in just a few hours after treatment.

What skin improvements can skin treatment get?

Over four or five sessions of treatment, you can return the lush and youthful appearance to the skin thanks to the smoothing of irregular textures that appear due to aging, damage caused by the sun or scars. A fresh and healthy complexion will be achieved, as the open pores close and small irregularities are lessened.