Passing of time or a radical loss of weight can cause a decrease in the volume of the labia majora. You can increase the area and provide you with a more youthful appearance thanks to a simple and safe procedure called Lipofilling.

It is a procedure that is carried out through an injection of fat obtained from another area of the body or hyaluronic acid.

What is it?

The vaginal area is rejuvenated through an injection of fat obtained from another area of the body using the technique of the lipofilling.

Through a thin cannula liposuction fat from other areas (mostly the area of the abdomen) is extracted, purified, prepares and is injected into the labia majora, thus increasing their turgidity and rejuvenated appearance.

The operation lasts 60 minutes and the process is done using local anesthesia.

Another way to increase the volume of the labia is filling with hyaluronic acid, a substance biocompatible without any side effect. In this case, the infiltration is performed in an operating room under a light sedation. The process takes 15-20 minutes.

The clinical history of each patient, as well as his physical condition, will determine the decision of the surgeon to use one or another method of increase of the labia majora.

Who is the ideal candidate?

Women that with the passing of time and the loss of collagen and tissue have suffered a reduction and sagging of the lips older of the vagina.

Weight loss can also enhance the sagging of the area. With this treatment, we get the vaginal area to regain its texture and original functionality.

How will the results be?

In the case of the increase with body fat, results are kept between 4 and 6 months approximately, due to the natural reabsorption of fat. If the filling is made with hyaluronic acid, the effects can last up to 12 months.

How is the return to normality?

In 1-2 hours you can return you to your regular life. You will be able to resume your sex life to the two weeks of the surgical procedure.