In Cànons Clinics, specialized in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, have effective medical appliances to eliminate both facial and bodily spider veins by a powerful beam of intense pulsed light or the Medical Laser cutera excel HR.
What is the removal of microvarices with medical laser?

On a first visit to the doctor you will be explored from the vascular aspects, and talk about what bothers you more in terms of pain and what you’d like to remove for aesthetics.

Later, if there is no contraindication we can proceed to laser therapy. We apply a powerful anesthetic cream that leave act for about 5-10 min., then apply a conductive gel, and the doctor will proceed to paralyze the spider veins Vascular Laser without leaving scars on the surface of the skin.

How long are the sessions and how often are they?
Sessions can last approximately 30 minutes and are usually performed biweekly or monthly to eradicate spider veins, as medical advice.
My daily activities will be altered?
This treatment allows you to keep on with normal activities immediately after each session, the only thing is not permitted is physical exercise during 48 hrs.
Which is most appropriate time of the year for the treatment?
It can be done at any time of the year, provided you have very careful about applying yourself solar radiation sunscreens with full screen. That’s why summer time is not an ideal season.
Can it be combined with chemical sclerosis treatment?
This treatment is complementary to the chemical sclerosis of varicose veins if used to remove varicose veins with a higher diameter than spider veins.
What do you recommend before each session?
Avoid exposing yourself to the sun’s rays or ultraviolet tanning with at least two weeks before each session. In parallel, you will have to follow the guidelines recommended by your doctor for your specific skin lightening skin phototype.
What do you recommend after each session?
Avoid exposing yourself to the sun’s rays or ultraviolet tanning with at least during the first 45 days of the session. Also, you should follow up with a specific home treatment; wear vascular compression stockings to accelerate vascular reabsorption.
Can I combine it with other facial therapies?
It is fully compatible and combinable with all facial aesthetic medical therapies as recommended patterned by our Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine Cànons Clinics, providing a comprehensive treatment of hands and chest in order to enhance the image.
Don’t forget that this new platform Excel HR of Cutera is even for color and tanned skins, very common in the Anglo-Saxon market.
What vascular changes can also remove?