The combination of genetic factors with external factors (sun exposure, stress or tobacco) contribute to the loss of elasticity and the increase in dry skin.

With this treatment we achieve skin rehydration of wrinkles or scars, which allows to eliminate wrinkles, folds and facial grooves and provide elasticity and luminosity to the skin.

In which cases will facial wrinkle filling treatment be indicated?

Rehydration of skin wrinkles or scars can remove wrinkles, facial folds and furrows and early signs of skin aging while we act preemptively to the appearance of new wrinkles, sagging…. At the same time, the appearance is improved by providing the skin elasticity and luminosity.

The indication of treatment will always depend on your needs. You can begin as you check out the first facial wrinkles or, if you already have medium depth facial wrinkles or deep, feel that the upper lip is missing projection, you have a scar or skin atrophy and you want to hide, Your skin starts to look more harsh and less bright dehydrated and natural glow.

The areas most frequently filled brow, periocular wrinkles, nasolabial folds and perioral wrinkles.

How many types of filling are there?

There are three types of filling: own, absorbable and permanent.

Currently, the hyaluronic acid as an absorbable substances is  the most used because they have lower cost and minimal risk of allergic reaction.

What is the wrinkle filling treatment?
First, demake up the area we are going to treat. Desinfection of the treatment area and then apply a powerful anesthetic cream specially formulated for Cànons Clinics, wait for it to take effect and proceed to the administration of the specific product to fill the wrinkle or wrinkles you want to treat. Then, apply a calming and specific mask and finally apply concealer and make up according to your tastes.
Can I see how the results will be before the wrinkle filling treatment?

In our Cànons Clinics centers, specialized in Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, we offer the possibility to show what the results of the beauty treatment will be through the new 3D program, E-Stetix. With this system you can see various simulations in three dimensions of wrinkle filling therapy.

In this way, we can analyze in a more personalized way, and according to medical criteria, all aspects that you want to improve. Only by taking some previous photographs, you can get an approximate idea of how you will look after the aesthetic medicine service.

Are there instant results?

The final aesthetic result is observed at the same time that you perform the treatment of wrinkle filler in concrete or several wrinkles.

From the moment that fills the wrinkle or wrinkles immediately check its declining depth of wrinkle treated and you will see that it will progressively hydrating the treated area or areas so that this or these will be blurred.

Will I forget wrinkles?
The duration of effect is variable as in all aesthetic medical treatments. You’ll have to do some annual maintenance session or by semesters, depending on the type of product used, the condition of skin aging and also very important for your  habits and skin care as well as mainly in snuff and alcohol consumption.
Is it a safe treatment?
In Cànons Clinics, Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine clinics, use biofermentation products not of animal origin in order to minimize the risk of allergy and completely biodegradable. Therefore, it requires no preliminary biocompatibility test.