The passage of time leads to a progressive sagging of the eyebrows, giving your look a look sad and off.

We recover the natural position of the eyebrows using an innovative technique of skin rejuvenation with the fastening system called ENDOTINE resorbable multipoint Transbleph ™. A new and revolutionary quick, simple and safe procedure with immediate results.

Who is the ideal candidate to undergo a Brow Lift Surgery?

The more often people who undergo these interventions are those who note that the appearance of your eyes do not like, by the look of fatigue or sadness that does not correspond with reality.

What is the Brow lift surgery?

Due to normal aging or facial or to alterations of the facial structures reveals a progressive sagging eyebrows.

The brow lift surgery by direct attachment is a revolutionary new procedure safe, simple and fast with immediate results.

Is to recover the natural position of the eyebrows by facial rejuvenation technique with resorbable fixation system called ENDOTINE multipoint Transbleph ™ which involves making a single incision made in the upper eyelid blepharoplasty conventional and, implement a fixative raises eyebrows multipoint system patented three-prong coapt Systems, which allows secure attachment with the possibility of adjusting the height and correct the position of the eyebrows.

Normally used only local anesthesia, also sometimes used depending on the case also sedation.

The surgeon can offer your customers / as a dynamic combination of procedures for rejuvenation of the eye socket in a quick, simple and effective as blepharoplasty, the forehead lift…

Using ENDOTINE Transbleph ™ allows professional Cosmetic Surgery help clients / as to regain a youthful appearance, a beautiful and rejuvenated look without having to undergo a full Frontal lifting.

Will I see any 3D simulation before surgery Brow Lift?

In our Cànons Clinics, centers specializing in Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery, offer the possibility to show through a new 3D program E-Stetix various three-dimensional simulations Surgery Brow Lift to analyze a personalized and medically all aspects you want to improve, but doing some previous pictures where you get an idea about always, how you’ll be later, involved a variety of factors.

Can I combine it with other surgeries and treatments?

Usually combined with blepharoplasty, an unbeatable combination. You’ll get the best results by combining blepharoplasty with elevation and repositioning of the brow in a single surgical session.

Can also be combined with other procedures such as botulinum toxin, mesotherapy, wrinkle fillers…


How do I prepare the surgery?

The doctor will give you instructions on how to prepare for surgery, including guidelines to keep on shooting or suppressing medications, vitamins, iron supplements, food, liquid and snuff.

Make sure also that a family member or companion can take you home when you are to be discharged and, if necessary, can help a few days.

What precautions should I take?

In order to limit the risk of bleeding and bruising have to avoid taking in the 7 days before the procedure antiplatelet drugs such as aspirin, dipyridamole, ticlopidine… as well as in the 3 days prior to taking NSAIDs like Ibuprofen antiplatelet effect, Diclofenac, indomethacin, piroxicam, naproxen…

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